About me

Who am I? You might be asking. Well, I’m the writer of this blog.

Now, I’ve been mulling over whether I want to reveal my identity or not.

I’m not Batman or anything, and even if I were, would I tell you? But I feel like I can reveal more of the appalling and terribly embarrassing things that have happened to me if I keep my name a secret. For now at least.

You see, I’ve been walking around every day experiencing all these feelings. Terribly personal feelings that make my neck sweat and my cheeks go red. Feelings that make me stiffen with anger or laugh until I can’t breathe. I want to share them but perhaps not with the people I know and love.

Instead, I’m choosing the faceless mass of the world wide web to be my therapist.

If, as a teenager, you enjoyed the ’embarrassing stories’ sections of Mizz or Bliss (cringe), or if you too are a human being with feelings, I think you’ll find something you can recognize or sympathize with here…and perhaps something that makes you feel better about the world and the people on it or at least something that makes you feel less alone.

There’ll be heartfelt stuff here, maybe a tiny bit of seriousness but, I hope, lots of laughs.

I want to share all the things that have made me cringe (it’s an inexhaustible supply), or worry, or wonder, or chuckle and I hope you’ll get in touch to share your terribly personal stories with me too!

It’s a funny thing, being alive. It’s hard, it’s stressful, it’s toe-curlingly embarrassing at times but it’s also joyous and mad and hilarious. So buckle up, let’s get on with it!